Monday, 30 January 2012


When hard work of amil gets its reward at the end of ritual, hamzad appears before him, he asks why you called me? Say to him "because I want to take control of you and your powers, I want help in any matter I desire, he may asks why you want to take control over me and mine powers? Tell him the main reason of making him servant, like for example you can say, I want to learn the secret knowledge, i want to be rich, i want to be famous etc. He will say, o.k i am your servant but there will be a condition you must follow, Here is the point....he will say to you either to do some thing forever or not to do some thing forever, and you should never accept any condition which you can not fulfill, say to him, tell your condition if it will be acceptable for me I will accept otherwise you will have to change it or you will have to tell other one. now hamzad will tell his condition for keeping him with you as your servant, if it is easy, harmless you should say "yes i will abide by this" otherwise say to him this is is difficult for me, I can not do it tell me some other. It is obviously possible he may ask you to do a thing which is practically impossible, in fact he does this kind of trick, because many people at this time are terrified by him or they have no patience and want to complete the process shortly. Do not do this, be patient, for example he says you will never tell a lie, or he says give me food to finish my eating desire,or he says you should always be sacred. some times he tells a difficult condition which is possible but difficult to do, for example he says to you to recite the same ritual forever, obviously you can not do it, he may demand you must not eat meat, don`t even think this is easy to not eat meat forever because he will provide you such a chances you will eat the meat. Remember whenever you break up the promise you also break up the agreement. Ask hamzad to tell again again until you get satisfied by condition, he will tell again, in fact he is bound to tell until you agree, do not think hamzad will get angry, and if he get angry or speeks to you with out giving you due respect you must talk to him bravely with a grace and worthiness, when you taunt him hamzad will be more humble, if you disagree with his condition for 100 times he will tell you 100 different conditions,but it is your art to make him to do so, if amil get terrified and loses his confidence he will be liable to the consequences. Hamzad is your servant, he is not stronger than you at this particular time, you can even make some modification in his condition and say to him I will do this instead of that, for example if he says you will not eat meat, you can say fine, but if I forgot you must remind me and I will be allowed to eat meat twice in a week , if he says you should recite this ritual forever you scan say no I will recite only once in a month whenever I want and I must remain healthy if i get diseased I will not abide by, and you remind me if i forget, and i will recite for example only 45 times instead of 3125. If he says to give him food you can change it by saying I can give you one time and so much I afford and if I can not give, you should be humble.
Once this condition is fixed he will ask for how much duration he will have to serve you, you can say what ever you think better for you, you can say for whole of my life, 10 years, 5 years etc, if you tell him for whole of your life you will see him looking sad, and if you say some less duration you will see him happy.
Now it is time for you to represent your conditions, tell him to come only when you call him, he will accept, tell him only you should see him and you should hear him, he will accept. You should must tell him to come whenever you call him otherwise he will be always with you, and he will demand work to do. This is a major difference of nature between hamzad and djinn. djinn never remain with you every moment of your life after caputring and they even are unable to do it, and if you want this and desire them to be with you for every moment of your life they get angry, they do not admit it, and if amil force them to do it, they try to escape and try to get freedom after agreement too. But hamzad is always with you, it is with you since your birth.
If during agreement hamzad behaves harshly you should taunt him with hon-our and demand some thing from him as a sign of his loyalty with you then he will give you some thing like a ring etc, but you must keep this sign secret and safe. When you do a Quranic ritual you will be astonished to see the humbleness of hamzad, if you do a Satanic ritual or some sifli ritual you will find your hamzad mannerless and he may talk harshly and he will not give you the respect you deserve during agreement (because often instead of hamzad some else power appears before you in your form). If a quranic ritual is performed, when its completed and amil has qualified all stages of fear etc, hamzad appears before almil and appears as a servant, but if sifli amal is done when hamzad appears he does not consider himself your servant untill you complete your agreement. In quranic ritual he may some time does not appear and appear in some else form to get freedom, but when he appears in your form before you make agreement you will find him your friend. In sifli rituals hamzad may appear in some else forme to get freedom, and finally when he appears in your form you may not find him your friend untill you complete your agreement.
Finally ask him how will you call him, or tell him that whenever I call you "come my hamzad" you will have to appear, mean which ever calling method you find easy and satisfactory for you.
Remember, let hamzad speak first, in each and every condition, in any ritual whatsoever, hamzad speaks first then you reply. Always reply to him when you complete your ritual, both your days of ritual and numbering of reciting your ritual. If you completed your first ritual and hamzad did not appear and you did second ritual, now you can talk whenever hamzad speaks to you, now you are bound to just complete the numbering of reciting, now you are not bound to complete the days of ritual.But during first ritual you are bound to complete both duration and counting before speaking. During first ritual even hamzad appears and says I am here, stop reciting, tell me what I should do for you, never reply to him, if you replied either your days or your counting will be incomplete and your ritual will be wasted.


  1. Ummar Bhai thanks for your reply.

    Please clarify if I reject his several conditions ... will he continue offering new conditions till I accept one .. or after few conditions he will disappear without agreement between us?

  2. He will not disappear, again and again he will tell some other condition, i wrote if you reject his condition 100 times he will tell times other one, as long as you does not accept his condition he will tell some other.

  3. Helo Umar.Pls if at the end I was not satisfied with all Hamzard conditions,can I tell him to go in peace.Again can Hamzard do harm to the summoner during agreement.I mean if Hamzard annoys.

    Lastly,if it is Jinn ritual and I cannot abide by the Jinn's condition.For example,if Jinn asks me to be vegetarian for all my life,can I equally disagree and tell him I will be eating meat twice or once in a week?Will he agree and not harm duriong agreement too?Pls take notes of all these questions and reply to them.May Allah reward you abudantly and guide you too in everything you do.

  4. Reply To Ayinla4sur1: Dear of course when you say him to go he will go, he will be pleased, and what about the hard work you did in order to capture him? During ritual Hamzad does many tricks in order to stop you, if you complete ritual some times he appears before you some times he appears in some one else form,you see your younger brother and he speaks to you disobediently and you taunt him, and what happened? You suddenly realized he was not your brother,obviously you have been betrayed and he got freedom, similarly when he appears and makes agreement he gives a condition to follow. The cause of condition is not to bind you to do some act or not to do some act, but cause is some what else. By telling a condition again he can get freedom when you break it. If you follow he will serve you, whenever you want to free him you can break the condition.During agreement you can reject his conditions which you can not follow many times so you are always at advantage, make a good agreement instead of thinking to let him go.

  5. AsSalam o Alaikum
    Umar bhai aap nay kaha hai k jab tak amal k din aur din ki parhai khatam na ho hamzad ko ignore kartay rahay. ab question yeh hai k.

    1. amal khatam honay say farz karain 4 din pehlay hamzad hazir hota hai ham nay oosko ignore kar k oos din ki parhai mukamil karni hai. ab parhai khatam ho jaye aur hamzad samnay mojood ho to kia karna chahye???

    2. aap nay jo books yahan dee hain oos may "Loh-e-Taskheer Hamzad" may likha hai k jab hamzad hazir ho to amal khatam kar dain"

    please reply.

  6. Reply To Arman:
    1; is soorat e hal me ap uth ke wahin sona ho to wahin so jain ya koi deegar kam karna ho t ja ke karain, khood kalam nahi karna, lekin agar woh kalam me pehel karta he or ap ki tadad mukamal ho chuki he ap kalam kar sakty hain. yeni ke amal apny us din ka mukamal kar lia or woh hazir he or bat bhi khood shuroo kar raha he ap kar sakty hain, lekin doran e amal chahy woh jitna bhi kahy ke me hazir hoon amal tark kar do ap kalam nahi kar skty balke ap ne amal poora karna he qk ye dhoka he agar kalam kia to amal adhoora reh jay ga, jabke amal ke khatma ke bad agar din pooray nahi bhi huy or chahy pehla chila hi kiun na ho woh kalam karta he to ye dhoka nahi balke woh masakhar ho chuka he bas muaida baqi he.
    2. books sharing of information keliy di jati hain, agar kisi book me kuch bhi likha he to iski zimadari me nahi le sakta qk iski zimadari book ke writer pe he.

  7. is there any English sites on more about hamzaad ?

  8. kiya aap bata sakte hain ke kiya hum humzaaad ko apne kabo men karsek te hain aur agar haan to kese