Wednesday, 30 November 2011


 Rituals for hamzad are of six kinds, i shall not only explain the all six ways but also i will tell a secret regarding hamzad amal.
 This kind of amal is done with the verses of Quran and with the names of Allah. The ritual merely comprises on verses of Quran and or name/names of Allah, and recited in different ways.
These rituals contain names of gods and any or many goddess, if you know the meaning of ritual and it does not contain the words of "SHIRK" you can do it. But if these are in a stranger language Muslims should avoid them. There is an incidence in hadith that a family was well known for the ritual of snake bitten, after they came in Islam they worried in using that ritual because they knew in Islam there is no such rituals permitted. They came to Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) for the solutions of their problem as this ritual was a way of earning for them. Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) asked them to recite that ritual before him. They recited that ritual and Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said,"you can do it as it does not contains shirk."
In such kind of rituals the help comes from Satan.Doing evil activities and remain unsacred is always a particular part of ritual. Muslims should always avoid such kind of ritual because if any person dies during Devil`s ritual, he will not be considered with death of a Muslim. These rituals are of shot duration and success rate is much high. Often as a result of such ritual, in palce of Astral body some other evil power appears before magician.

These are most dangerous and most effective rituals and of shortest duration rituals. After doing any single magic ritual any Muslim is not considered as Muslim. He loses his Iman. This is the magic which was taught by two angles namely Haroot and Maroot during the era of Prophet Sulman(A.S). Whole story is mentioned in the books of Tafasir of Quran, as this is mentioned in Sura Baqra. This is the worse sin of this universe, in these kind of rituals the Divine book`s verses like the verses of Bible were changed and recited, and the same zulm was repeated when Islam spread. The verses of Quran are recited as reciprocally, i.e, word by word in opposite direction. Allah says in Quran:
انا نحن نزلنا ا لزکر وان لہ حافظون
 "Ham ne nazil kia is nasihat ko, or ham hain iski hifazat karnay walay"
I (Allah) granted this Quran, And I (Allah) am its protector"
And to nullify this protection and by calling the anger of Almighty Allah the magic is done.The verses of Quran they claim to recite them in reciprocal manner. Now a days you may see a book "Rajoo e Hamzad", it contains a ritual of reciprocal "Bismillah", even heading is "RITUAL OF RECIPROCAL BISMILLAH", its writer Kash Al Barni writes in this topic, "offer maghrib prayer ther on the place of ritual." A common Muslim is mis guided by words, he assumes that it an Islamic ritual and perform it. There is one other book "TASKHIRAT E HAMZAD" same ritual is written there in section of quranic rituals, why the writers did this? either due to their ignorance or to misguide and to betray a Muslim, so ho much are Zanjani`s the scholar of Islam or Hamzad, you can easily imagine. You can read the opinion of  four great Imams of Muslims and particularly a book by Imam Razi, Sir ul maktoom fi makhatba ti shams wal najoom. You will learn the reality of astrology and jafr by this book, Razi was really Imam on the art of spirituality, His name is a shining star in the galaxy of Muslim scholars and as a spiritual healer. The writer of Rajoo e Hamzad, Kash Al Barni narrated some rituals of Imam Razi in his book "AAMIL KAAMIL." The core proof of Imam Razi being a Ritual Imam are the words of Famous Islamic Scholar Hafiz Ibn e Kaseer, who was a student of Imam Ibn e Timia, who wrote in worldly famous, authentic and recognized book "Tafsir Ibn E Kaseer" You can even get this book from Islamic section of my blog.
In these kind of rituals astrology is much involved, as its believed that when astrology and jafr are combined, the effectiveness is maximized. Name, its assigned figures are of importance. Ritual is extracted with name by certain laws of Jafr. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians believed that the universe is created with four natural elements, i.e, Fire,Water,Wind and Soil. They called them elements of creation of universe, so they believed that any human, any Djin and any else thing even the words are related to these elements. So they assigned different words for different elements, going deeply they assigned numbers for words, stars and zodiacs for words. So in short this kind of rituals is extracted with this concept. So it is advised a amil should see his/her name, evaluate it and find what particular element is most suitable for his name, i.e, fire, water, soil and ear and after gaining that element he should do only that ritual for hamzad which involves that particular element.
This is infect not a kind of ritual but only a way which leads towards astral body. Hindu`s are much famous for meditation. Just focusing eyes in mirror or on own shadow is sufficient, nothing is recited, this is the longest way to achieve hamzad, concentration is very much important and for this some concentration exercises are advised. Only to get full success in controlling concentration exercises complete in several months or years. Whenever Hamzad appears and talks to you you can talk and make an agreement with him.
The secret lies in above discussion, if any one read it should find the truth. I explain here, the so called expert of rituals claims that you always must see your particular element and do ritual according to your element. But the fact is different, as i explained above, this is a kind of Jafr ritual, but if you select a quranic ritual you should not follow astrology and these ancient beliefs, as Muslims know well that Allah created every living creature with water and soul. And Quran and sahi Ahadiths totally disgrace astrology, so how one can get success by reciting Quran on the way of non believers? if you follow these rules of astrology in Quranic ritual, success is some thing else you may get failed. But if you have to do a Ritual of Jafr you must follow astrology. In my very earlier post i said there is choice, evil or divine in our own hands. Believe me at present there is no any expert of Jafr in Pakistan who can claim that he knows the way of extraction of ritual for hamzad with Jafr. If any one has some Jafr Ritual it must be very old and a secret told to ancestors. Kash Al Barni pointed towards this fact in his book Amil Kamil part 1 by saying "isi tarah jafr se hamzad or roohaniat ke istakhraj me bahot bukhl se kam lia gia he"


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