Saturday, 12 November 2011


There are different opinions about it, some people says hamzad dies when his physical body dies, some Hindu scholars say that hamzad transforms into ghost after the death of his physical body.This all is fiction story. Infact Hamzad does not die with the death of physical body and also he does not transforms into ghost or devil. Hamzad lives after the death of physical body, because there is no death for a soul, literally speaking, when any person dies, just his soul leaves his body and travels to heavens.  This is not just only some words, but I shall give proof. you know many amil claim that, they can call spirits of dead persons and talk to them. Being a Muslim we know that a spirit can never return back to this world but He/She stays in Barzakh. so if amil does not call a spirit then what thing they call and talk to? This is a good question which gives us reply to our first question about life span of an Astral Body. Yes they does not call spirits. and they can not call spirits. They call the Astral body of a dead person and talk to his/her astral body. I shall post an amal to prove it. After talking to the astral body of a dead person if some one insists that he called spirit I can not justify him. So naturally there arises a question that when hamzad will die?  Of-course death is for every one who born. Near the End Of Times, when Allah will order Hazrat Israfil A.S to blow THE SOOR whole universe will tremble again SOOR will be blown and every and every creature of Allah will be fainted. When third time and last time SOOR will be blown all the creatures of Allah will die, all angels, all devils, all jinns and all the Hamzads will die except some Respected Angles and Angels of Arsh of Allah. In hadith there is full detail about the order of death of remaining angels at last Hazrat Jibrail A.S will die with will and words of Allah as He created universe with KUN.

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