Thursday, 10 November 2011


To obtain any thing certain qualities we must posses, same is for Hamzad. If any mentioned discrepancy is found in a man, he/she is  not capable for amal e Hamzad.
  • Patient of hemorrhoids.
  • Any body deformity, like hand or feet missing.
  • Psychotic disorders like schizophrenia, epilepsy or any disease in which a man can loss his/her consciousness.
  • Women with pregnancy.
Also there are many aspects which does not make a person unfit for amal e Hamzad, but certainly these delay the process of success, some are as under:
  • Weak eye vision
  • Age in forties
  • Depression, anxiety
A person must attain his full concentration towards Hamzad before starting any amal for Hamzad.
Following instructions should be strictly followed during amal for Hamzad.
  • All kinds of narcotics must be prohibited.
  • Ill smelling edibles should be avoided.
  • Meat, garlic, fish, egg should not be eaten
  • Intercourse is not allowed at all.
  • Be separated from people, much talking to people will not be allowed in amal e Hamzad.
  • If you choose an amal e Hamzad which is to be done at night, you must sleep at day. you should take necessary rest which will lead for easiness in upcoming night. Prevalence of sleep during amal will waste your amal e Hamzad.
  • Eat just for living.
  • Take easy digestible food, avoid foods which causes constipation, heartburn etc.
  • Oil massage on head will be a good practice during amal for Hamzad.
  • Time and place of amal must be same, you can not change the time or place for amal when you have started. 5-10 minutes difference in time does not affect but punctuality of time must be followed. If time or place will be changed, you shoud start counting from first day of amal.
  • Privacy is of utmost importance, you can not tell any one for amal e Hamzad, even your friends, relatives must not be aware off your amal e Hamzad.
  • Do not tell any thing to any one whatsoever happened during amal e Hamzad. You are even not allowed to tell your murshid unless he is amil e Hamzad or roshan zameer. If your murshid is on a level of spirtuality that you do not tell him but he can know what happened before you during amal e Hamzad then you can tell him and get instructions, you are not allowed to tell a so called amil.
  • During spare time book reading is a good hobby, remember to read the books which do not provoke emotions.
  • If you are married then you should fix all your family problems and home necessaries before amal so your concentration should not be distracted.
  • Be gentle and a humble person, do not abuse or fight to any one.
  • During amal e Hamzad, Hamzad shoud be in your mind every time, whenever start a work call him by name to participate with you. If you want stronger effects then give him food every time you eat, drop some food and assume it is for Hamzad. you can not give him after eating you should give him first.
  • Amal should not be started when you are injured. Even minor cuts and bruises should be vanished before amal e Hamzad.
  • If you want to do amal by your shadow, wear a tight underwear during Quranic amal, do it with out clothes if you chose a sifli amal, magic amal, or shaitani amal. If particular dress is advised for a particular amal then wear it as it is necessary for some Qurani amal to wear ah-ram during amal.
  • No body should be allowed to enter in your room in which you are doing amal for hamzad. Room should be clean and white washed, it should not contain any luggage not needed for amal.
  • incense should be burn in that room. incense for Hamzad amal is benzoin, myrrh etc.
  • If you have chosen an amal which you have to perform in sun light then choose a distant and alone place. There should be no chance for any one to disturb your amal e Hamzad. No other shadow should be near which can mix with your own shadow or distract your attention.
If you choose a qurani amal then you should:
  • Take a bath regularly during amal e Hamzad.
  • Wear neat and clean clothes.
  • Use perfumes which do not contain alcohol.
  • Do not tell a lie.
  • Offer prayer regularly.


  1. Aoa,

    What if a person had hemorrhoids but now cured? Is he eligible?

    If yes, then what if that hemorrhoid was caused by an amal-e-hamzad?

    Now is there any danger?

  2. if a person is cured by hemorrhoids is eligible, now a days medical science has revealed many things and as I am a medical doctor I would be pleased to tell you that 3rd degree hemorrhoid makes us unfit for ritual of hamzad, 1st and second degree hemorrhoid does not make unfit. basic cause is not hemorrhoids but bleeding is the main cause of unfitness. and if hemorrhoid was caused by hamzad then cure it and one again becomes eligible, but remember the hemorrhoids caused by hamzad are very difficult to cure by just local anesthetic injections or surgical procedures rather spiritual treatment should be done.