Saturday, 26 November 2011


Hamzad is a divine creature, Allah blessed him with many super natural powers.
some powers of Hamzad are as under:
  • Hamzad travels beyond time and space, velocity of light may be some minor fraction of the speed of astral Body or Hamzad. He travels like our imagination if he is in Pakistan at an instance next instance he may be in U.S.A, do some work and return, so seas, mountains are valueless beyond Hamzad.
  • One alone Hamzad can kill thousands of people in a momement,he can kill dangerous animals like lion etc.
  • Allah gave him the knowledge of medicine, physics, chemistry, philosophy, mathematics etc.
  • Hamzad can cure eny kind of desease.
  • Hamzad can solve a problem for which a super computer is useless.
  • Hamzad can travel through any solid material like lead, rivers, huge buildings. No wall can stop Hamzad to pass through it because it passes through as light passes through glass.
  • Hamzad carry heavy materials in thousands tons of weight from a very distant place, you might remember the Ifrit Jin who said to Hazrat Suleman A.S I can bring till you stand up and sit as is mentioned in Quran.In short Hamzad can provide any thing so soon that no one known technology of the world can.
  • Allah gave hamzad a power to influence human beings so hamzad can make them love or can make them hatter each other.
  • Hamzad can enforce a war between any state.
  • Hamzad can provide any fruit any vegetable in any season.
  • Hamzad can tell exact history of thousands years earlier.
  • Hamzad can see hidden things in the earth, he can help to obtain them.
  • Hamzad can not only forecast weather but even he is capable to make clouds rain.
  • Hamzad can find stolen things, misplaced people.
  • Hamzad can cause a curse for a place to spread diseases.
  • Hamzad can read the thaughts of any person as mentioned in hadis Hazrat Muhammad P.BUH said devil flows through your blood.
  • Hamzad can control the will of a person.
  • Hamzad is capable of living after the death of physical body.
Difference between Hamzad. gennie, and angles is their way of creation. Allah created gennie with fire, angles with light (noor) and created Hamzad with soul. Inspite of being so powerfull, as whole universe is created for human being to explore and con-quire, same is for Hamzad. He bows his head against dignity of human being. Allah gave us the knowledge to take control of the powers of Hamzad. But in order to obtain such a precious wealth a lot of hard work, devotion and concentration is required. After a very  period of hard work a man becomes able to make hamzad his servant. Allah has created two main and opposite powers working in this universe, one is Divine and other is evils, so to gain control of Hamzad you also have two options, either by the way of Devil either by the way of God, choice is up to you.


  1. Aoa

    sir G

    ager koy banda hamzaad taskheer kerny k bad usy hukam dy k mujay ak Parri la do aur mery tbah kr do to kia ye kam hamzaad kr dy ga,,,

  2. reply to shahid;
    hamzad kisi bhi chiz ka hakim nahi, ye kam sirf koi hakium muakil kar sakta he, jo muakil jis jin ya quwat pe hakim ho is tarah ke kam wahi muakil kar sakty hain, jesy metatroon muakil tamam alwiat pe hakim he, isliy wo kisi bhi alvi jilali ya jamali muakil; ko ghulami me day sakta he, lekin is darja ki hakim quwaton se easy fazool kam nahi liy jaty, qk jab esa fazool kam hi lena matloob ho to esi quawat ki hazri ki bajay direct usi kam taqat ki quwat ki hazri kar li jay. maslan agar koi shakhs jin maskhar karna chahta he to woh jin ki hazri ka amal kary na ke badshah e jinat ko hazir kar ke kahy ke mery qabzay me jin day do, us se behtr he ke wahi asan amal hi kar lia jay.