Monday, 21 November 2011

Hazrat Ummar (R.A) asks about Hamzad

Allama Abi Jafir Muhammad Bin Jarir Tibri (died in 310 hijri) wrote this incidence in his book of Islamic history, which is one of the oldest Islamic history book. he gave the heading "Prophecy of an Arab fortune teller". He wrote, once Hazrat Ummar Bin Khattab R.A was addressing in masjid e nabvi an arab came in to be near with Ummar R.A. upon seeing him Hazrat Ummar R.A said, "This man is either still on shirk after abandon it or he must be a fortune teller in the days of ignorance. arab sat near Hazrat Ummar R.A after Salam, Hazrat Ummar asked, "have you embraced Islam?" he replied, "yes", then asked were you a fortuneteller in the time of ignorance"? He said, Subhan Allah, you asked me such a question you never asked to any person of your state". Hazrat Ummar said, O Allah, forgive me for this, infact in the time of ignorance we were indulged in more evils than bitterness of this question, we worshiped idols at last Allah bestowed us with the wealth of Islam, then Arab said, You are wright, I was certainly a Fortune Teller in those days. Hazrat Ummar (R.A) asked, Tell me the strangest thing your Hamzad said to you. He replied, One month or one year before Islam he came to me and said, "Do you not see the devils? they are now frightened, tey are hopeless regarding their faith and belief, They are just thinking to run away"
By keeping above mentioned incidence we conclude that, during past time, fortune telling, which was a common practice was done with the help of Hamzad and even the  Scholar like Ibn e Jarir was consistent that a human can control his Hamzad. After Islam when devils were banned to go toward heavens, Hamzad was also banned, and that was the cause of destruction of fortune prophecies. We see in old books that a Hamzad can tell us future, this is written because in times before Islam Hamzad like other devils could travel towards Heaven, steal information from angels, but with Islam, all this came to an end,. So the magicians who claim that they can tell the future is not wright, and I always try to show the hidden facts. infect they can just try and bitten by fire as Holly Quran says. It is a sound proof that only Almighty Allah knows the future.

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