Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Allah give life to man with soul, and one part of his soul assigned with him. This part of his soul is called astral body in English, Hamzad in Persian, Qareen in Arabic and Jism e Lateef in Urdu Chaya in Hindi. This divine creature is the self image of a person. The body we posses is known as physical body and soul part of this body is called Hamzad or Astral Body. The two bodies are so similar in looking that there is no way to distinguish between the two. Even the dress of both looks alike. There are many school of thoughts about Hamzad, some muslim scholar call it Nafs e Ammaara and some call it just a soul. Hindu scholars think that a hamzad is an evil creature which tronsforms into ghost after death of a person but this view is just a fantasy. Some people call it twin angel. In short a clone of self which is in spirit form is Hamzad

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