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Heare is an article written by Rin Otori, which further distinguish between modern view of astral projection from view of spirituality. Also it clarify that in somehow modern Science also at some extent admits the existence of Hamzad. Article is below;

All the great masters of this earth were accomplished in astral body projection. They could transcend space and time and could go to far off places in their astral bodies. No wonder, they could know and understand events happening thousands of miles away! However, while such expertise may not be possible without years of practice, almost every one can experience this.
Though the popularity of astral projection has reached new unprecedented level, there are still a lot of myths and superstitions surrounding it. Astral projection is nothing but using the astral body to travel to the astral plane. During this travel, though you are still connected with your physical body, your astral body becomes the center of your consciousness. Your body feels lighter and you can easily pass through doors and other solid objects.
Here are some of the myths surrounding the astral body projection:
* Astral projection is unsafe: People think that leaving your physical body can lead it to being possessed by other wandering spirits. However, your astral body is still connected to the physical body so it's completely safe.
* Astral projection cannot be taught: This is untrue. These days there are a lot of techniques which can aid in learning this skill in a fairly short amount of time.
* Astral projection can only be achieved after years of practice: It may take years to achieve the level of expertise by experts in the field. However, that does not mean that the newbies in the field cannot begin astral traveling. In fact anyone with a reasonable amount of concentration, dedication and consistency can work to achieve astral body projection.
The out of body experience is one of the most fascinating aspects of astral travel and it can be experienced by anyone. People who take the journey gain a new insight into the everlasting nature of life!
Astral body projection is almost becoming a lost art. Most people who are serious about learning travel to India, hoping to find a guru who will agree to teach them. Unfortunately, many of us do not have the financial freedom or time to do such a thing!
Well, now you don't have to. Abhishek Agarwal, an expert from India on astral projection is now revealing some of the most safely guarded secrets on how to learn astral projection. Visit for more details.
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Also i would like to share one more article written by Abhishek Agarwal, he also admitts that astral body is spiritual in nature, further more he he gives a opinion that  it is a soul and it is related to God, please read this,

The astral body is basically spiritual in nature which means that though it is referred to as a body it does not have any physical aspect to it. It is ether like substance that acts as a counterpart for our flesh body from which it separates. It is said to be composed of astral material and is in a way an exact duplication in terms of energy of the physical body that it represents.
This body of energy is attached to our flesh body usually at the navel level through a silver cord. This astral body that is powered by the mind and thoughts contained within it is capable of travel to far and distant places and planes and this happens usually when we sleep.
According to theosophy, an astral bond denotes a bond between the cosmic reservoir and the nervous system. Theosophy basically refers to religious speculations or speculation about the nature and characteristics of the soul based on a mystical insight into the nature of god. The astral being refers to or is basically an instrument of emotions, desires and passion and since it is basically an extension of the physical body and stretches beyond it; it becomes the medium through which these feelings are communicated.
When people actually go to sleep or when they are under medications or under the influence of drugs or in case of accidents, the astral body is separated from the flesh body and this separation also separates the process of sensation to our gross body. Only on its return does our body feel any form of sensation including smell, pain etc.
During the time the astral self is disjoint from the flesh body, though it is an exact copy or replica of the latter, it is more sensitive to thoughts, emotions, aspirations of the dead etc. It is basically experiencing feelings or sensations at a whole new level or plane that is not possible during the time the body is awake and connected to the astral being. That is why our dreams often seem unreal because we do not experience the occurrences in our dreams in the real life.
Clairvoyants are said to be having the ability to attain the astral world and also can view the appropriate body. The astral being is basically in the form of different shapes representing the quality of thought and each of these thoughts cause vibrations which is seen in the form of colors. Thus clairvoyants are able to judge the state and extent of a man's development based on the appearance of his astral being.
An astral body therefore is of high spiritual value and a topic many people are interested about.
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