Friday, 25 November 2011


All of you are well familiar with Hamzad, and today I am going to emphasize on a very bad attack on spirituality, which is being practiced by some people who do all such kind of activities in order to prove themselves "The Lord Of Knowledge. Believe me, my this post and an up coming post is very important for all those persons who want to gain Hamzad, and who really understand the core of spirituality or want to understand it.Being a Medical Doctor it is my duty to clarify the scientific research regarding Hamzad. Now a days you may see many mental and intellectual exercises for those it is stated that it is the first key to gain Hamzad, and I am here to tell the underlying truth, Dear Readers, this is not spirituality, these all belong to mind sciences, these have no relationship with spirituality, there is a lot of a difference between spirituality and an exercise. These exercises do not lead you towards spirituality, instead these move you towards
astral projection, astral body, or out of body travel
Abundant data is available today on internet on Astral Projection. This is an European way of gaining spiritual power،, they say Hamzad is not a soul, but it is the a one more form of own consciousness of mind. They also call it some kind of lucid dreaming , a state, in which a human is unaware of his senses and his Astral Body (jism e Latif) comes out of physical Body and performs different tasks, they say astral body can travel with speed of light, beyond the grips of time and space, astral body can even pass through any building, any mountain etc. but i clarify you, Astral Body is English word substitute for jism e Latif, But This is not right perception, Hamzad or Jism e Latif is something else, it is a soul. And to capture a soul you have to learn spirituality not mental or Physical Exercises. Only on You tube you can watch many and many videos and comments about Astral Body and you will come to know that how many people of different countries believe Hamzad and how they do exercises to gain Hamzad. Most importantly, how many of them uses different medicines to acquire Hamzad, now imagine what kind of spirituality is this?  In European countries what is perception about Hamzad, how it comes out of body by mental exercises, from where energy comes to transfer Astral Body out of Physical Body, to understand this phenomenon and modern view about jism e Latif watch this video.

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  1. Sir

    yaksooi ka mashk
    habse e dam ki mashk
    nazir ko 1 gha qaim rakhna k palk na japk jay;;; ye mask

    brother ye 3 mashk hamzaad k amal me zarori han??????

    in pay b baat karin..